No natural disaster 

Works by Diana Artus, Caitlin Berrigan, Tamen Perez, Armita Raafat, Viktor Timofeev and Clémence de La Tour du Pin.

Opening: 26 November, 7pm
On view by appointment 27 November–19 December:

Altenbrakerstrasse 18
12053 Berlin-Neukölln
U8 Leinestrasse / S+U Hermannstrasse














(Image: Tamen Perez, Site Search 2)

ARNO EICHHORN Limited Edition Prints 

Some works from my series Those aren’t your memories… are included in the portfolio of ARNO EICHHORN Limited Edition Prints and can be purchased via the recently launched webshop.

ARNO is a new publisher of limited fine art edition prints by contemporary international artists and was founded in 2013 by an artist to make challenging artistic positions accessible to larger and inspired audiences, and to increase the outreach and autonomy of the participating artists.

Each edition is exclusively developed for ARNO in close dialogue between the artist and the curator. ARNO provides you with unique fine art edition prints, and ensures longevity and perfection in both material and content. The archival fine art papers and the high-density pigments used for the prints meet museum standards. All editions are strictly limited and come accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


SCOPE HANNOVER – More to come 


Mit Arbeiten von Absalom & Bardsley (UK), Diana Artus (GER), Sophie Barbasch (USA), Viktoria Binschtok (GER), James Bridle (UK), Eiko Grimberg (GER), Karin Jobst (GER), Jörg Möller (GER), Andrew Phelps (USA),Ulrich Polster (GER), Marco Poloni (CH), Lucy Skaer (UK), Andreas Schulze (GER), Oliver Sieber & Katja Stuke (GER).

Kuratiert von Ricus Aschemann und Maik Schlüter.

SCOPE HANNOVER findet an verschiedenen Orten in Hannover statt:
Scope Galerie, Sprengel Museum Hannover, Städtische Galerie Kubus, Galerie vom Zufall & vom Glück, C-28 Kunstraum, Galerie Bohai.

Begleitend zur Ausstellung erscheint ein Katalog.


















Die erste Ausgabe von SCOPE HANNOVER findet vom 20. Oktober bis 20. November 2016 an unterschiedlichen Orten in Hannover statt. Das neue Ausstellungsformat untersucht aktuelle Strömungen der zeitgenössischen Fotografie und dient als Forum für einen aktuellen Diskurs.

Unter dem Titel MORE TO COME stehen im Mittelpunkt der Ausstellung weniger dokumentarische Sichtweisen als vielmehr Positionen, die mit den Mitteln der Installation, der Inszenierung, der Reproduktion und der Erweiterung der Fotografie hin zur Videokunst die Möglichkeiten gesellschaftlicher und medialer Kritik reflektieren.

Begleitet wird das Eröffnungswochenende von einem Symposium mit Gesprächen zwischen den ausstellenden KünstlerInnen und den beteiligten Verlegern und Gestaltern im Auditorium des Sprengel Museums. Im Rahmen von THE SHELF gibt es eine internationale Präsentation von Künstlerbüchern aus dem Bereich des Independent Publishing, die ebenfalls im Sprengel Museum stattfindet.

Sometimes you see your city differently 

Works by Diana Artus (DE), Hirohito Nomoto (JP), Pola Sieverding (DE) and Eli Singalovski (IL)

Curated by Tina Sauerländer, peer to space

May 26 until July 9, 2016
Opening: May 26, 2016

3 Hamif’al St.
66535 Tel Aviv, Israel













We are surrounded by our city. Its architecture, that often survived many generations of humans, tells about ever-changing values of a society. The buildings reflect this process and echo history. Edifices decay, become demolished, knocked down or restored. The international artists from different cultural backgrounds participating in the exhibition have visited and captured residential buildings around the world. With their own visual language they explore relations between humans and their self-created surroundings, living conditions, esthetic approaches, personal fate. In the space of the exhibition architectural sites mediated through each artists’ personal view reveal its presence. Distinctions, similarities or correlations of buildings from different parts of the world become sensible. The exhibition offers the viewer to experience his environments embedded in a global cross-cultural context to reveal a new perspective on his own surroundings.
(Tina Sauerländer)

The Impossibility of Being 

Group exhibition with works by Diana Artus, Anina Brisolla, Julius von Bismarck, Sophia Domagala, Brad Downey, Andreas Greiner & Armin Keplinger, Sven Johne, Tillman Kaiser, Caroline Kryzecki, Janina Lange and Via Lewandowsky.

Curated by Hannah Beck-Mannagetta & Lena Fließbach.

Opening: 16.03.2016, 7 pm

An interactive, interdisciplinary programme with experts from cultural and natural sciences accompanies the exhibition.

Währinger Straße 59
1090 Vienna

Opening hours:
Tue–Fri 1–6 pm / Sat 11 am–2 pm

Über die Unmöglichkeit des Seins_KEX_Flyer















Terminal Stage 

Solo exhibition featuring some Korea works and presentation of A Korean Notebook


Saturday, 05.03.2016, 7 pm – Opening night with music and appearance of Frédérique Franke (musician, Brussels)
Saturday, 12.03.2016, 7 pm – A reading by the artist + performance “assemblage d’ameublement” by Heinz Hausmann (artist, Düsseldorf)

Place du Samedi, 17
1000 Bruxelles

Opening hours:
Thu 3–6 pm / Sat 2–5 pm and on appointment



Flâneur Residency in Riga 

I am very happy to be one of 2 photographers selected for a 1-month artist residency in Riga within the framework of the international project Flâneur – New Urban Narratives. The residency is hosted by ISSP Riga and will finish with a public presentation end of May.













Flâneur – New Urban Narratives is a network project based on an international partnership of 20 organisations from 11 different countries. Its main purpose is to carry out artistic interventions in public spaces through contemporary photography. The project encourages artists to create new interpretations of the urban terrain, having the concept of flâneur as a starting point and considering the physical context of the city as a social kaleidoscope in constant evolution.


There is tiresome, but attractive 

Solo exhibition featuring new works

28.11.2015 – 10.01.2016
Opening: Friday 27.11.2015, 7 – 10 pm
Finissage: Sunday 10.01.2016, 3 – 7 pm

Schwedenstr. 16
13357 Berlin



















The exhibition There is tiresome, but attractive assembles new works by Diana Artus resulting from a 3 months artist residency in South Korea in spring of this year. A repeating theme in the artist’s approach is the exploration of an interdependency between city and mood and the possibilities of a psychogeographic reading and re-narration of urban space. This time she focuses on the specific vibes of the city of Seoul between “excitement” and “exhaustion”, inspired by South Korean philosopher Byung-Chul Han, who described his homeland as a “fatigue socity in terminal stage”.

In der Ausstellung There is tiresome, but attractive zeigt Diana Artus Resultate ihrer dreimonatigen Artist Residency in Südkorea im Frühling diesen Jahres. Wiederkehrende Themen in der Arbeit der Künstlerin sind die Wechselwirkung von Stadtraum und Stimmung sowie die Frage nach einer psychogeographischen Les- und Erzählbarkeit urbaner Strukturen. Inspiriert von den Thesen des südkoreanischen Philosophen Byung-Chul Han, der sein Heimatland als „Müdigkeitsgesellschaft im Endstadium“ bezeichnete, stand dieses Mal die spezifische Atmosphäre Seouls im Spannungsfeld zwischen „excitement“ und „exhaustion“ im Mittelpunkt ihrer Recherche.