Urban Characters

  • Der große Andere
  • Diva
  • Großer Eddie
  • Eddie
  • Kleiner Eddie
  • Late Riser
  • Mexico City, Verso
  • Mexico City, Verso #1
  • Mexico City, Verso #2
  • Autistic Building
  • Condo
  • Lousy Lover
  • Best
  • Phantom

The works of this series draw direct connections and analogies between human attitudes/feelings and shape and appearance of architecture/urban space. Different buildings and street situations are reinterpreted in an allegoric way, representing a certain “personality” or mood. Architectural bodies reveal their inner character and become “buddies” inhabiting the city. Look at a building and the building returns the look – we end up staring at each other. The metropolis turns into the proverbial “stage”, and “urban characters” perform the play whose script is written by the imagination of the beholder. The narrative images and image objects of this work series take up and reflect the specific atmosphere of different cities by taking into account the conditions of the surrounding society and highlighting the question how this conditions affect urban design and how in turn this influences people’s mood and behavior.