Those aren’t your memories, they’re somebody else’s

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The images of this series evolved from a process of repeated reproduction of my photographs, resulting in a increasing vagueness and abstraction of the depicted urban scenery. A source of inspiration for this work was the concept of ‘mémoire involontaire’ and the specific mode of perception represented in the cultural figure of the ‘flaneur’, questioning the coherence of human recollection.

“Her series Those aren’t your memories gives the impression of a scene observed from outside, the edges obscured by a murky, almost ghostly fog. In the backdrop we see the contours of buildings but no objects are ever solidified. The irresolvable nature of the images is unsettling and reminiscent of dream memories, powerful in terms of affect yet partial and ambiguous.”

Spectral Photography by Alison Hugill, editor, curator and writer for the art blog Berlin Art Link