Halbstark and Sex | Two Photo Books

Halbstark | Sex – Two Photo Books

Halbstark: 40 pages | Sex: 32 pages, Laser print, Soft cover, 27 x 19 cm, 2002 | Edition of 5, signed and numbered
Halbstark: 40 Seiten | Sex: 32 Seiten, Laserdruck, Klebebindung, 27 x 19 cm, 2002 | Edition von 5, signiert und nummeriert

About Halbstark:
Many young people spend whole days with hanging out in public space. It may seem that this is a waste of time. Asked what they are waiting for they answer that they don’t know. It could be anything, and they are not waiting but rather preparing. So this apparent waste is the real luxury they live: to bear the openess of the situation, to be ready for whatever things to come, to face uncertainty with the certainty of change.
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About Sex:
A night in a youth club in the outskirts of Leipzig. Longing for adventures, longing for HIM or HER to enter the scene and to radically change the personal situation. There is this moment in which it becomes clear that it will not happen tonight. A hole opens up and can not be filled. Until the next disco night.
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