The hallucinated city

Solo show at Red Stripe Gallery, Leipzig | 31.1.-2.2.2007 | Graduation show
Meine Rede anläßlich der Verteidigung meiner Diplomausstellung (My speech on the occasion of my graduation show, in German only)

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With this exhibition I graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig. I presented three pieces: „Idol“, „Projection“ and „Romantic crisis“, focusing on the topic of the city as a display of vague desires and mythic imaginations. Emotions related with the idea of the metropolis appear, blend, contradict and caricature themselves. The show took place in a vacant storefront of a building in the city centre which shortly after the presentation was  torn down. It was one of the typical East-German modernist buildings, an example of ‘socialist architecture’, which already was a kind of hallucination itself at the moment the exhibition was going to happen. The space was thus chosen on purpose and added an additional layer of context to the show.